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8801 Corporate Square Ct. Suite 107
Jacksonville, FL 32216  |   (904) 724-4309
Our prime expertise is exterior surfaces such as stucco, stone and brick veneer,
CMU block, drywall, siding, tile, paint, gypsum board, and other related work.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service in managing the
project, labor quality and speed, and material management and precision.
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Premiere quality commercial and residential construction.
Here at Vasiliy’s Construction, Inc., with our knowledge
and experience, we are dedicated to precision, reliability,
and strength in service and in partnership.

For nine years we together with our partners we have
provided high quality service in the Florida-Georgia area
to national restaurant chains, convenience stores, strip
malls, schools, small and large businesses, banks,
hotels, department stores, and offices and of course
residential buildings such as entire apartment
complexes, condos, and small and large single family
homes. From renovating to constructing to big and small
repairs, we’ve done it all.